April Storytelling


In April, my Code for America team went back to Charlotte, North Carolina to follow up on our previous research. This involved talking to various departments we had previously met with and discussing how we could work with them to improve communication with the city. We wanted to show them the work we had done in wireframing and generating user stories for a couple potential applications.

What We Covered

Note: this is sort of a deck and alternate sections rolled into one, which changed a bit depending on available time.

  • The lean circle
  • Storyboarding “What’s Happening in My Neighborhood?”
  • The Civic Tech Canvas
  • MVP scope
  • User stories
  • Wireframing
  • User journey maps
  • Infrastructure diagram
  • More polished mockups
  • Our research

Other Slide Sections (Starting With February Recap)

  • What we’ve done since February
  • Things we’re working on
  • Current stage of process
  • The lean circle
  • Our criteria for pursuing an idea
  • Our research
  • Citizen feedback on existing communication methods

Project Details

Client: Code for America / City of Charlotte
Built: April 2014
Categories: Graphic Design, Research, Slide Deck
Tools: Google Slides, Illustrator