I took a mobile app development class at the University of Houston that had a secondary focus on tech entrepreneurship. On my team of 4, I took on the roll of designer. We wanted to help users create good habits and break bad habits through the use of reminders, rewards, and punishments.


I did lots of research and read a few books on habit building, which informed the most effective interface design. It also informed the logo design, which I’ve chosen feature here. Most of the research discussed the habit loop, which consist of a cue, a routine, and a reward. To indicate this, the logo and interface used circles to represent the loop, and some, including the final design, used three circles to represent the three components of habit formation. In the final logo, the three circles are overlaid to indicate at all three components are necessary to forming a new habit.

Project Details

Built: April 2013
Categories: Graphic Design, Interface Design, Research
Tools: Bootstrap, Illustrator