Lil’ Geocoder


Side projects are a common thing among Code for America teams. Little Geocoder (now Street Search) was created by Tom Buckley and Peter Welte as a component of the Mesa team’s project, MuniciPal. When I started helping out with it, it was an API that would accept text like a news article that contained references to addresses and streets. It spit back a GeoJSON object of the locations found. While the project it spun out of had an interface, it didn’t have it’s own.


I built a pretty simple front end taking some of the code from MuniciPal and building out more on top of it. The front end allowed for text input, displayed what it found on a map and in a list, and could toggle between the map and the GeoJSON for easy copying. I also designed a logo that I felt fit the description of “I don’t know, make it fun.”

Project Details

Client: Code for America
Built: September 2014
Categories: Coding, Graphic Design, Interface Design
Tools: Flask, Leaflet,