Melysis Website


In the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston, many students get involved in pitch competitions both with their own ideas and with courses that involve commercializing technology created by UH researchers. I owed a favor to a member of the Melysis team, and the simple wireframes one of their team members had mocked up wouldn’t provide the needed edge at the pitch competitions they were involved in.


The interface didn’t need anything special for the pitch competitions since each page would only display for a matter of moments during the pitch, which had a stronger focus on the business aspects. I spent an evening building a simple interface using Bootstrap based loosely on the wireframes provided. While I believe the aesthetics aren’t great, I do think they did a great job of quickly demonstrating the steps and features involved in using the web app.

Project Details

Client: Melysis
Built: March 2013
Categories: Interface Design
Tools: Bootstrap