MuniciPal was one of the projects I worked on with Code for America. It was built for the city of Mesa, Arizona to address a lack of citizen participation in the civic process. I joined this project about halfway through fellowship when the team realized they needed help with the front end. What they had was a working backend with a bare-bones front end and a great design for a better front end mocked up by the graphic designer on the team.


I kept the CSS framework the team was familiar with and as much of the existing front end as I could. For the most part, I took the design and coded it out. We made several adjustments to the look and feel in order to cope with some technological limitations.

Project Details

Client: Code for America / City of Mesa
Built: November 2014
Categories: Coding, Interface Design
Tools: Disqus, Google Maps API, Mapbox, mustache.js,, Rails