RED Labs Demo Day 2013


This was the first demo day for RED Labs, and we were still trying to figure things out up until minutes before the event began.

While there were RED Labs cookies and some crazy awesome videos, my role in all of this was creating things like name tags, follow up cards, wall decorations, and some presentation slides for the introduction to the event and to clean up some of the pitch decks from our startups.


The name tags were created using a script I threw together using some HTML, print CSS, a JSON file of the confirmed guests, and jQuery because the Eventbrite name tag generator wouldn’t let us create the specific design we had already approved with the Bauer’s communications department. I briefly thought about using XML and InDesign, but decided it would be more fun to explore the underground world of print stylesheets instead (note: I helped with the 2014 Bayou Startup Showcase, and for that I did use the XML + InDesign method, which was way easier once I read the documentation).

I designed the comment cards to allow interested parties to provide their business cards on a little sticky section, which I was excited to see catch on since OwlSpark did the same thing a few weeks later.

Project Details

Client: RED Labs
Built: May 2013
Categories: Graphic Design, Print
Tools: Illustrator, Print CSS