RED Labs Schedule Mashup


At some point during the first semester of RED Labs, we realized a few things. First, we gave up on the hopes that the room would be remodeled sometime during the semester, meaning we had three old 600 by 800 monitors mounted in the wall that had largely been ignored. Second, we determined that although our startups were using our coworking space often enough, many of them were still asking us about times and locations for events.


We had already talked about ways to use the monitors for something productive and discovered we could hook them all up to an old netbook in a media cabinet, so I spent an afternoon hacking together a page that would use the Google Calendar API to pull down upcoming events. The events were displayed alongside a random one of the latest ten Startup Quotes, and the color scheme was pulled dynamically from the two or three colors in the image to make it look more seamless. The page refreshed every 30 minutes to keep the quote changing, and to keep the calendar fresh without having to write anything fancy with websockets.

Project Details

Client: RED Labs
Built: May 2013
Categories: Coding, Interface Design
Tools: GD/ImageMagick, Google Calendar API