Startup Spark


What started out as a few posters designed to decorate the walls of RED Labs ended up being a series I wanted to continue working on, and eventually see if I could build a simple ecommerce store to sell them.


Right now, all 9 posters I have done so far are framed and up in the RED Labs space on the 3rd floor at the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business.

The ecommerce site has taken a back seat for financial reasons while I occasionally use spare time to work on it. The current challenge is putting enough in an account to pay for and ship posters using the Printful API while Stripe’s wait period before depositing funds can replenish the account enough to continue the cycle. My current thought is that I’ll set an amount of money I can spend on Printful through my custom ecommerce site’s backend which marks the whole store as out of stock once it hits a certain limit. The amount spent can be cleared and the store reopened for business automatically from a Stripe webhook that gets fired once they deposit money into the bank account.

Project Details

Built: August 2015
Categories: Coding, Graphic Design, Interface Design, Print
Tools: Illustrator, Printful API, Stripe API